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The Importance of Photography:
Making it ‘LOOK’ the way it feels

One mistake that many people make when having an e-commerce business is not having professional looking photography and imagery on their site. If you have been wondering about whether or not to hire someone to do your product photography or whether to just do it yourself, it probably means that you need to hire some talent for the job.

The quality of your product photography is probably the most important design decision you can make for your ecommerce website.

So why does product photography play such an important role with e-commerce?

The reasons for this are quite simple when you think about it. When consumers go to buy something in a physical store, they can pick up their item, touch it, examine it, smell it – they can utilise all of their five senses to experience that product before they buy it.

One of the challenges of having an online business is that you cannot offer your customer that real-life consumer experience. What you have to do instead is bring your products to life as much as possible within a two dimensional environment, and for that reason quality photography is an absolute must.

For example, if something smells delicious in real-life, it has to look like it smells delicious in your photography! It is as much about creating a pleasant viewing experience as it is showcasing your products in their best possible light. In other words, artistic composition, lighting, and image quality all need to be of high standard.

Most of us are innately visual creatures. We believe what our eyes tell us. It doesn't matter how great your product is, if it's a bad photo it won't look great, and consumers won't believe it's great.

Give your customers the visual stimulus they need to experience your product in its truest light, and you have the best chance of them hitting that 'add to cart' button.

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